If Hamburg was a person its huge Port would definitely be the heart.
It’s not only economically important but also a famous tourist attraction and full of enthusiasm and life. Huge cruise liner and impressively big transport ships can be seen during a boat tour around the port. During the harbour tour you will also have a look at the old warehouse district. (the port can be seen on the left of the right picture in the middle)

Close to the port you can also find some rather new tourist attractions. There’s the Hamburg Dungeon which is just the right amount of scary in my opinion and where you get to know something about the dark history of Hamburg in an entertaining way.

If you prefer less action the ideal attraction is the Miniaturwunderland, a big model railway with detailed miniature versions of for example Hamburg, Switzerland and Scandinavia.

One of the most traditional sights in Hamburg is the St. Michael’s church. You can visit the church spire where you have an amazing view! (it’s the tower in the background of the first picture)

Hamburg is especially great in the evening when you can watch a musical (the Lion King is just amazing!!), visit the legendary entertainment district Reeperbahn or spend some time in the city center and walk along the Binnenalster, an artificial lake (top picture).

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